Quality & Precision

4M's staff can always be found programming, monitoring machinery output or verifying and double checking measurements. Exacting the requirements and specifications of our customers is the mantra of the 4M organization.

The following is a partial list of 4M's in-house quality control equipment - each calibrated against outside vendor standards on a regularly scheduled basis in order to assure dependable and consistent accuracy.
  • ​Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active 202 Touch Probe CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector Inspection Equipment
  • In Process Probing System
  • Baush & Lomb Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Surface Plates
As a matter of policy, 4M upgrades its equipment every 4 years. This practice assures the availability of the latest technology to our customers.