“Whenever a project requires high precision production tool design and fabrication we never hesitate to contact 4M for their outstanding expertise and service.  We also utilize their company to manufacture critical components that we use in several of our high reliability products which have contributed to our company’s success”.
Robert P. Auteri, President & CEO, Splice Technologies, Inc.

"We had a production problem. Our equipment for a surface mount circuit board seperation process was hurting us on cost, and we needed a better way. 4M designed and built a take-up reel system to our specs. Our margins are significantly better and the system is working just fine."
Bill Ugenti, VP, Engineering, Win-Spec Corp

"The Problem was real, but the solution was a mystery. On paper it should have worked, but it didn't stand up to the testing. Putting our heads together with the people at 4M resolved the issue, also saving a lot on production.
--Thanks 4M."

"We required a mechanized tool capable of grabbing, holding and to allow twisting of seven optical fibers in order to facilitate fiber coupling. We got it from 4M."
Dave Stowe, Ph.D., Research & Development, Aster Corp.

"We couldn't find a vendor who would take it on! An accelerated life cycle test for an innovative system required a breakaway flap of 1/1000 of an inch thickness. 4M created a production process to fashion it and the beta to test it."
Rob Cannetti, Project Engineer

"Local manufacturer needed better than a 48 hour turn around for a strong, working 3D prototype. We met the schedule and beat the price from their usual out of state vendor. You can't beat a local service like 4M for speed and flexibility."
Mike Fasano, President, 4M Instrument & Tool LLC, Islandia, NY